Hoang Quan Binh Thuan Real Estate Consultancy-Trading-Service Joint Stock Company is a company specializing in the field of housing project investment, works construction, industrial park construction, housing development business, investment consulting, brokerage, legal advice, construction and design, leveling, commercial business ... established since 2004, with an initial charter capital of 30 billion dong, up to now the charter capital of the company has increased to VND 320 billion. Currently, the company has 99 employees, professionals with qualified and experienced lawyers, architects, engineers and bachelors.

Hoang Quan Binh Thuan Real Estate Consultancy-Trading-Service Joint Stock Company, a subsidiary of Hoang Quan Group, a group specializing in real estate trading and investment, specializing in providing services and real estate brokerage. After nearly 15 years of operation, the company is strongly implementing in the following areas: real estate, legal advice - price assessment - design - construction in a closed process; Hoang Quan Binh Thuan has now become a prestigious investor with many large-scale real estate construction investment projects. Right from its inception, Hoang Quan Binh Thuan has determined that the main business direction is infrastructure investment in Residential and Industrial areas.

Business activities:

Hoang Quan Binh Thuan is the investor of industrial zones: Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park was commenced with a scale of 146ha wand a total investment of over VND 200 billion. Besides, Hoang Quan Binh Thuan has also developed a housing model named Ham Kiem 1 Social Housing Area, which is the first housing model in Binh Thuan with a communicating townhouse model planned to be a closed compound area on 13.5 hectares in size with total investment of more than 800 billion dong.


Hoang Quan Binh Thuan belongs to Hoang Quan Group, in recent years Hoang Quan Binh Thuan has implemented programs to improve the operation quality of the system with a variety of rich services and professional services. Through the efforts of all employees in the Hoang Quan system, on April 27th, 2007 Hoang Quan Binh Thuan was assessed to achieve ISO 9001: 2000 quality.