Hoang Quan Binh Thuan Real Estate Consultancy-Trading-Service Joint Stock Company, a subsidiary of Hoang Quan Group, a group specializing in real estate trading and investment, specializing in providing services and real estate brokerage. After nearly 15 years of operation, the company is strongly implementing in the following areas: real estate, legal advice - price valuation - design - construction in a closed process. Our team of lawyers and consultants with many years of experience in the field of land law consultancy, housing, real estate business, we are always ready to provide the best real estate consulting services to customers like:

 - Review, evaluate and appraise the legal value of transactions related to real estate such as land, houses, factories, industrial parks, export processing zones, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other constructions ...;

 - Consult and support the implementation of procedures for application for land lease, land allocation, change of land use purpose;

 - Advice on conditions, order and support of real estate business registration procedures (creation, purchase, transfer, lease, hire and purchase of real estate for sale, transfer, lease, sublease , real estate leasing, real estate service business (real estate brokerage, real estate price valuation, real estate trading floor, real estate consultancy, real estate auction, real estate advertising, real estate management);

 - Consult on conditions, order and procedures for performing transactions related to land, houses, construction works ... such as donation, transfer, exchange, lease, sublease, lease purchase. , lend, inherit and mortgage;

- Consult, support to complete documents and carry out procedures for applying for certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and construction works;

 - Consult and support the settlement of disputes and complaints related to real estate

 We hope to receive the cooperation with customers!